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Mar. 16th, 2005 @ 01:44 pm New Member!
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Hi all! Just joined today, and thought I'd post my characters. I'll start with my highest lvl one, then the rest will be behind a cut, 'cause I got a bunch on Champion server...

Character Name: Trollman
Level as of today: 20
Archetype: Scrapper
Origin: Mutant
Primary Power Set: Claws
Secondary Power Set: Regeneration
Power Pool Set(s): SuperLeap
Favorite Zone: Wherever there's butts to be kicked (The rest will be the same for all characters, so the rest of them will skip this part)
Least Favorite Zone: Wherever my butt gets kicked
Favorite Mob: Ones with butts I can kick (picking up on a theme here?)
Least Favorite Mob: Ones that kick my butt
Best time/day to find you in game?: M/Tu/Th after 5ish & at random times on weekends

First up, we have Trollman, the cigar-smokin' mutant scrapper, always ready for action:
Trollman, Mutant Scrapper with Claws/RegenerationTrollman Closeup

Character Name: Street Rat
Level as of today: 14
Archetype: Tanker
Origin: Natural
Primary Power Set: Invulnerability
Secondary Power Set: Superstrength
Power Pool Set(s): Speed

Next, The Street Rat, don't let his size fool ya, this naturally tough tanker packs a whollop, and can take anything the bad guys can dish out:
(No Screenshot, yet, but he's a short, skinny guy in black & red leather)

Character Name: Tintinabulator
Level as of today: 10
Archetype: Blaster
Origin: Technology
Primary Power Set: Energy Blast
Secondary Power Set: Energy Manip
Power Pool Set(s): Flight

Next, The robotic Tintinabulator, the bad-guy blasting marvel of technology, gets ready to make some noise on top of the Paragon City government building,
Tintinabulator, Technology Blaster with Energy powersTintinabulator Closeup

Character Name: Tintinabulatrix
Level as of today: 5
Archetype: Defender
Origin: Technology
Primary Power Set: Force Field
Secondary Power Set: Energy Blast
Power Pool Set(s): None

while it's "sister," The Tintinabulatrix, the robotic master of Defense, sets up her shields in front of the Freedom Corps HQ.
Tintinabulatrix, Technology Defender with Force Field/Energy BlastTintinabulatrix Closeup

Character Name: Doctor Psych
Level as of today: 8
Archetype: Defender
Origin: Science
Primary Power Set: Empathy
Secondary Power Set: Psionic
Power Pool Set(s): Flight

Meanwhile, the scientifically enhanced Doctor Psych keeps an eye out overhead,
Doctor Psych, Science Defender with Empathy/PsionicDoctor Psych Closeup

Character Name: Majiko
Level as of today: 6
Archetype: Controller
Origin: Magic
Primary Power Set: Gravity Control
Secondary Power Set: Radiation
Power Pool Set(s): Flight

while the Mighty Magical Majiko glows with power while looking out for trouble below.
Majiko, Magic Controller with Gravity Control/RadiationMajiko Closeup

Character Name: Warm Fuzzy
Level as of today: 5
Archetype: Tanker
Origin: Magic
Primary Power Set: Fire Armor
Secondary Power Set: Fire Melee
Power Pool Set(s): None

And you'll always have a warm feeling with the magical Warm Fuzzy around:
Warm Fuzzy, Magic Tanker with Fire powersWarm Fuzzy Closeup
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