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Aug. 16th, 2005 @ 02:25 am SG recruiting?
Current Mood: curiouscurious
I almost feel bad for thinking this since i've been with my SG for a little under a year, but... are there any good SG's on Triumph that are lookin to recruit?
I mainly play with my lvl 34 blaster... but i also have a lvl 20 emp defender and 15 scrapper i play around with too.. I'd like to add them all to a SG that actually has members that are on..
I haven't teamed with anyone from my SG for a couple months, partially because the level difference is off a bit but mainly noone seems to ever be on when I'm on.. and when I check the SG window there are only like 4 out of 26 that have been on in the last week.
I could always start my own SG with some people I play with.. I've been considering the idea of making a super group based on noob training. Ya know, show those new kids how to actually play the game instead of having to listen them them whine "PL me PLZ!!"..
but in all honesty, i'd much rather join a good SG with members who are on often and actually team with SG mates..

now, i just have to break it to the 2 people I occasionally talk to in my current group.
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